Love is in the air…

IMG_2962 River Place Nature Trail

Well, like most things in this mama’s life these days I’m just a little bit behind.  So my Valentine’s day post is going up a few days late.  I thought instead of posting cute pictures of the heart shaped waffles I made for breakfast or the butterfly  cards my daughter made, I would write about another kind of love…my love of nature.  Am I a tree-hugger?  Well, some might call me that.  My kids both do actually love hugging trees strangely enough.  I’ve always loved the outdoors but recently I have a new love and appreciation for mother nature.  After my first was born I definitely went through a period of post-partum depression and I never really got back into an exercise routine.  I also rarely did things for myself and after having my second I was determined things would be different.  How would I entertain my 4.5 yr old, care for a baby, and take care of myself I wondered???  Well it turns out, simply by going outside.  For me sunshine and fresh air seem to be my magic potion.  Actually, I don’t even need the sunshine.  I’ll take a cold rainy day too as long as I can get outside.   Making sure we get outside everyday, no matter the weather, is better than anti-depressant/anxiety drug you could ever design.   Exercise for me and playtime for the kids while connecting us all to nature is the secret to this mama’s happiness.  I am no longer a “stay at home mom”, I’m a “go on adventures mom”.  So nature, here is my valentine to you, albeit belated.  XOXOXO  Here are some of our recent adventures.


McKinney Falls State Park


The view on my runs at Ladybird Lake.  This is seriously my medicine for all that ails me.


The Austin Nature & Science Center


Free Forest School (Bull Creek District Park and Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Met. Park) Btw, if you don’t know about Free Forest School you should.


Barton Creek Greenbelt.  P.S.  If you don’t live in Austin we have horrible weather and nothing to do.




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  1. Krisite says:

    We go on hikes every weekend for sanity! We live near shoal creek and wander in it almost daily. That has kept me sain , but most of all I enjoy the conversations we all have together.
    Looking forward to more reads!

  2. Camen says:

    “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. ”
    -Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

  3. Larry L. Dill says:

    I haven’t gotten into the habit yet of checking regularly for your new blog posts but I just checked your vegan milk making post and I just have to say that I spend hours a day reading about the bad news going on in the world and in this nation and watching the local news about all the shit going on right here in Austin (domestic violence, drug abuse, road rage, child abuse in public schools).

    I m not searching for all this bad news. I read 5 American newspapers and magazines and 1 British one every day and 3 or 4 hours of cable news every night looking for something uplifting and hopeful and then suddenly today I remembered to check your blog for a new post and there I found another touching story posted there 10 days ago about a woman making vegan almond milk and vegan cheese from scratch and wrangling a 5 year old and a 9 month old and her own sanity and her undying efforts to make a life for herself and her husband and for my grandchildren and I realize that it aint over yet! Bless you my child. You made my day. Keep up the good work.


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